San Jose Semaphore cracked
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Even tried to solve the puzzle presented by rotating lights high atop the Adobe headquarters in San Jose. The puzzle has been reportedly been solved by a computer science engineer named Bob Mayo and an engineer named Mark Snesrud.

San Jose Semaphore website describe the riddle as

San Jose Semaphore, by artist Ben Rubin, is a permanent public artwork commissioned by Adobe Systems Incorporated in collaboration with the City of San Jose’s Office of Cultural Affair’s Public Art Program.

Located within the top floors of Adobe’s Almaden Tower headquarters in San Jose, California, San Jose Semaphore is a multi-sensory kinetic artwork that illuminates the San Jose skyline with the transmission of a coded message. The content of the San Jose Semaphore’s message is a mystery; cracking the encryption technique and deciphering the message is posed as a challenge for the public. To the first person or group to successfully crack the code, Adobe will award bragging rights and acknowledgment on both the Adobe website ( and the San Jose Semaphore website.

Update: Read the complete analysis of the solution here, and how much pain the winning team took to crack it here. and here are other projects of the artist who created the semaphore.


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